what it says on the box. do you know anyone who could be described as a tyrant?

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how do you know you're not living in a simulation? is that even a real question?

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Exactly when SHOULD you punch a Nazi...?

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 What lurks at the heart of the innovation-obsessed life-hacker mentality, epitomised by the one and only Tim Ferriss? great dangers await...

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We use the genocide in Aleppo as lens into how we can go back to having constructive moral and ethical disagreements again

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How do we explain what happens when huge numbers of people ought to know better, but somehow don't? 

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The question is not whether to call someone stupid or evil; it's whether they *really are* stupid or evil. 

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Hello again, or for the first time. Getting re-aquainted, and how to re-adjust your mind for the era of Trump, and well beyond that. 



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