the cost and benefits of knowing the real facts, and some revisionist christian history
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mcluhan, the apocalypse of choice, and why people talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.
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permanence, safety, unpredictability, black swans, gaia theory and swarm logic

Direct download: TME2.5-The_illusion_of_safety.mp3
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toxic memes, guns, germs and steel, the monoculture and the myth of primitive holiness
Direct download: TME2.4-choose_your_poison.mp3
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Richard Branson, Howard Bloom, Oligarchy and the Human Superorganism
Direct download: TME2.3-chaos_theory.mp3
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a bit of a rant on the addiction to chaos, and it's roots in thwarted evolution
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In which we probe the mystery of school shootings.
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documenting how yet another experiment goes off the rails, albeit in an instructive way.
Direct download: conqueror_worm-conclusion.mp3
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wilhelm reich, christopher hyatt, and undoing yourself with crazy breathing and stretches.
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