back again: depression, the meaning of life, and the fire of purpose.
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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:51pm EST which we reveal the ultimate secret of the magickal will, and it involves pulling your head out of a bucket.

...I mean, I could just talk about plato and the cave, again, but you lot are all cynical postmodern burnout cases, so the pithy metaphor always helps.

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It may serve as some some small solace for those about to get their homes forclosed, or otherwise have your assets wiped out in a hedge fund implosion, that there's a bit more to it than just shuffling numbers around. donations always welcome, as long as they aren't mortgage backed securities...
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we're back and we're in motion. a litterally breathless explication of certain ideas about knowable truth. I kind of like this one, so the break was not in vain.



as always thanks for your attention, and donations always welcome.

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In which we discuss the gang fight between different factions hoping to lay claim to the world shaking implications of simple math.

Now, as ever, we thank you for being here and welcome donations.
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yes, the last one. really. all done.
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we continue with the second of the trainings, a more developed consideration of the costs and benefits of concentration practice, and how your half assed desire to play an instrument can change the world


as ever, thanks for the donations and enjoy yourselves

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in which we tease out some of the layers of symbolism in the visual and emotional feast of  the fountain
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..and now the real ending. it comes in three parts, and this one is all about being human, as prelude to being a little bit more.


donations always welcome, and thanks for comin' out

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a pocket summary/introduction for those who haven't got the faintest idea what the hell it's all about.

 well travelled ground for the rest of you, I'm sure.

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  The first rule of this installment is that you do not talk about it.


Is that a big enough hint?



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    More suggestions on shifting ones path, this time with an eye towards those things which will pay off the quickest.


all donations appreciated, thank you.

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yes that's right. the sopranos, you gotta problem with that?

  If so, we'll take you for a car ride...

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In which we examine the esoteric connections between the film donnie darko, the theories of aleister crowley and thelema, and the last temptation of christ.
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the mosaic effect returns for another round of insane speculations, and wildly esoteric intepretations of media and current events, all in aid of illuminating the true nature of the perrenial tradition.  



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We end where we began, with  the voice in my head and the conflicted relationship I've always had with it.

   One more podcast as a summary after this, but that's all. I'll try to make it good.


as usual,  thanks for comin out, and thanks for throwin' some nickels in the tip jar once in a while

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Our second to last, in this series. And this one is to the tune of devotion...
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Have you ever paused at the brink of a vast and terrifying revelation?
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A short check-in, to the tune of slowing things down to a more contemplative mode, spontaneously trancing out, and the profound spiritual practice of saying you'll do something and then actually doing it.

as usual,  thanks for comin out, and thanks for throwin' some nickels in the tip jar once in a while

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Once again, we contemplate ending the working, only to be told in the strongest possbile terms that this is a really bad idea...
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It's one thing to exert yourself really hard to achieve a visionary result. It's another to be dragged over and over, like some kind of wretched condemned man, in a seemingly unstoppable cycle.

Might as well jump, and save some dignity.


as usual thanks for comin out, and thanks for throwin' some nickels in the tip jar once in a while

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some more divinatory ramblings, platonic considerations of justice, and fine tuning a holonic sense of adjustment
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self mutilation, prosthetic fetishism, and the grace of god. All in the guise of dreams, but it's all a dream isn't it?

as usual thanks for comin out, and thanks for throwin' some nickels in the tip jar once in a while

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The bone-chilling tale of depravity and horror that masquerades as a meeting of the minds between a couple of weird blogger type people.

as usual thanks for comin out, and thank for throwin' some nickels in the tip jar once in a while

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