Hello again, or for the first time. Getting re-aquainted, and how to re-adjust your mind for the era of Trump, and well beyond that. 



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the secret to everything is that there is no secret, and you are hiding it from yourself

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all our problems come from evolution in process. maybe. donations are always appreciated.



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why people get stuck with thinking things that don't feel good, or make sense. 


donations always appreciated.

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how and why you should do exactly what is best, most good, most true for you, and why most people don't, and why that's the reason for the apocalypse.  donations always appreciated.

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  energy, population, contemplation as meditation, and how it all leads back to the mental block of humanity.

  donations welcome, as always.

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just what it says: applying a philosophical approach to solving all the world's ills.  donations always appreciated; I'm a broke-ass student in an economic collapse!



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how to become a saint, and how to trounce in conversation anyone who says you can't.
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the human side of 'the ultimate destiny of humanity'. Constipated buddhists, reactionary occultists, and neurotic taoists.

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...and we're back for a new season of fevered audio ravings. and we start with a surprisingly even handed assessment of the new prez, B-Rock.

 the tension of inadequate categories, the cognitive dissonance of authenticity, representative democracy vs mob rule, and yes, some more spiral dynamics.

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